09 10/2019
The cost of owning an apartment in central of District 7

Currently being one of the outstanding projects in the South, Sunshine City Saigon attracts visitors not only by high-end utilities, smart housing style 4.0, but also flexible payment methods and customer-oriented financial package.

08 10/2019
Knock at the door of the smartest home in Sai Gon

While living in a Smart Home with controlling household equipment automatically was many people’s dream many years ago, nowadays, in the time when 4.0 technology is breaking out globally, smart houses are not enough. Smart Home with Smart Living ecosystem is the aim which the high society is targeting.

04 10/2019
Sunshine City Sai Gon- a vibrant painting for the dream of upper class house

Immersed in golden interior space, satisfactory the vision with sophisticated colours, experience living materials wonderfully “smart living 4.0” are the main point that make customers quickly “fall in love” with Sunshine City Sai Gon at the first sight.

04 10/2019
With only 400 million Vietnamese dong, customers can have a high-class apartment in the central District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Sunshine City Sai Gon stands out in the real estate field in Sai Gon as a desirable living symbol of numerous people. Specifically, the project is applied to superior living technology 4.0, next, it is constructed with high-class facilities in the internal area, additionally, the project is designed as a special product in the high-class segmentation by the investor. Moreover, customers of the project is supported by a flexible payment method and preferential financial package from VPBank, which will help customers “reach the high-class level just in one step”.

02 10/2019
Khám phá không gian sống 365 ngày chuẩn Resort tại Sunshine City Saigon

Sunshine City Sài Gòn mang dấu ấn của một tổ hợp căn hộ hạng sang được Sunshine Homes quy hoạch bài bản theo mô hình Resort 4.0 . Gói trọn hệ thống tiện ích đẳng cấp tiêu chuẩn resort cùng xu hướng sống thời thượng, dự án này đã hình thành nên những tiêu chuẩn sống mới – thông minh, hiện đại tại khu vực Nam Sài Gòn.

28 09/2019
Enjoying the top-notch daily life at Sunshine City Saigon

It is “different” completely from other high-end projects, Sunshine City Saigon has redefined the house – the usual “residence” into a resort in the heart of the bustling city, bringing a high-class lifestyle and marking a new step in establishing the first “resort home” model in Vietnam.

26 09/2019
Sunshine City Saigon: Journey to create a high standard of living

When technology is applied to the end, when the needs of the customers are listened to and understood, that is the time when the high standard of living is created! And this is what Sunshine Homes is proving to Saigon people with Sunshine City Saigon!

25 09/2019
Green apartment meets standard 4.0: New choice of Saigon elite

Three years ago, when Singapore’s favorite shopping center: Takashimaya opened in Ho Chi Minh City; many people believe that the destination of Saigon is to become the world’s most livable city. And it seems that this destination is even closer with the Sunshine City Saigon project of green – smart apartment was launched!

04 09/2019
Surprise on real estate market: It is still strong liquidated even though the high price of project

According to CBRE Vietnam Company, in the context of strong economic development, middle and upper […]

06 08/2019
“Best luxury apartment project 2019” built roof for the first building

Sunshine City Saigon is a project that is evaluated by experts as “the best luxury […]