Enjoying the top-notch daily life at Sunshine City Saigon

Urban resort along the Saigon River

Located on the “golden terrain” in District 7 (Ho Chi Minh City), right on the banks of the Saigon River and adjacent to Phu My Hung urban area, Sunshine City Saigon has caught up with the trend of urban construction along the river of the world. Here, the investor has built a landscape community covered with water, wind, air and trees. The space allows residents to enjoy a relaxed, peaceful life and effective energy regeneration amidst a busy pace.

A life that only seems to be encountered in the isolated resorts away from the city, vividly recreated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City at Sunshine City Saigon.  

At Sunshine City Saigon, when returning home, you can take a leisurely jog on the unique skywalk streets , watch the sun set in the sound of musical fountain, talk to your children, teach your children observe nature every day.

In particular, the sky garden with an area of ​​up to 70m2 on each floor is a great space for you to sip a cup of coffee to enjoy the sunrise moment full of vitality every morning or watch Saigon at the brilliant night to feel the very slow breath of life..

And yet, at Sunshine City Saigon on the weekend, you do not have to spend hours on moving to suburban resorts but you can still with friends and relatives to organize an outdoor BBQ party on the romantic Saigon River, enjoy peaceful moments you’re your relatives and family.

Enjoying the colorful nature with artificial waterfalls and green spaces is the privilege of all future residents of Sunshine City Saigon.

Living in Sunshine City Saigon, every day you can enjoy the tranquility of a riverside project but not separate from the hustle and bustle of life outside. Because from each apartment on the high floor, you can see the panoramic view of the overwhelming beauty of the city, feel the natural beauty as well as the vibrant Saigon city right outside the door frame.

With dozens of high-end utilities, your daily life routine at Sunshine City Saigon reaches the highest point of enjoyment. Just a few steps from the apartment to the Shophouse on the podium floors, you can immediately experience the sense of luxury and classy of the owners when a whole system of trading, shopping and services – where gathers luxury brands in the world ready to serve you.

With the philosophy of “enjoying life with nature”, at Sunshine City Saigon, the investor also creates a world of high-class utilities in the air. It is the mineralized Skybar that is located on the roof with eye-catching views to the horizon; luxury S-Café chain; elite cuisine from Asian – European restaurants, extremely suitable for the target of young dynamic residents, professionals, successful businessmen …

Life 4.0: Satisfying customers from the smallest things

It can be said that the Sunshine Group investor has integrated the resort element into daily life in the Sunshine City Saigon’s apartment area, where you can find harmony with nature that is only away from the city center few minutes by car and away from the noisy, dusty life in the metropolis. However, the special feature of Sunshine City Saigon that few projects catch up is: putting life in harmony with nature in an ecosystem imbued with technology 4.0.

Sunshine City Saigon brings the most modern and advanced applications such as: Sunshine Home App (booking car, shopping, repair service, bill payment, …), Sunshine Pay (online payment gateway) , Sunshine Cab (application for booking luxurious car), Sunshine Service (solving all questions of residents 24/7) … International 5-star service and management – operation system applied the smart technology is perfectly exploited at Sunshine City Saigon, creating standards of high-class living values.


With these smart technology applications, every morning, when Sunshine Group’s residents step out of their warm apartment and call the Sunshine Cab to work, they will receive greetings and warm smiles from professional drivers. And their new day will begin to be so energetic until the afternoon, they are reclined in the Sunshine Cab, and taken to home safely and quickly as possible by the driver.  

With just a slight click on the Sunshine Homes App, Sunshine City Saigon residents will not be hard to feel the true VIP life when they receive timely assistance from very small things. It could be just providing information about gym courses, booking a restaurant for a weekend party, or even looking for home cleaning services …

From the smallest things, Sunshine City Saigon knows how to properly touch the needs of customers, bringing technology to elevate the positioning in the minds of VIP customers. 

It can be said that with Sunshine City Saigon, Sunshine Group has marked a new step in establishing the first “resort home” model in Vietnam. A true  life 4.0close to nature is making Sunshine City Saigon be one of the hottest keywords of the HCMC real estate market and the first choice of smart customers as well as investors.