“Best luxury apartment project 2019” built roof for the first building

Sunshine City Saigon is a project that is evaluated by experts as “the best luxury apartment project” at Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019. This is also a project voted by customers and investors as a “Green – Smart project” leading the real estate trend of 2018. With rapid construction progress, Sunshine City Saigon has just built roof for the first building S1.

Green – smart urban: Inevitable development trend

Currently in the world, urban areas account for about two-thirds of energy consumption and 70% of emissions which make the earth warmer and cause climate change. In order to improve this situation, developing a “green – smart” urban model is considered a preeminent and sustainable development direction, bringing a healthy living environment, restricting pollution and climate change.

In Asia, green architecture has long been applied to typical projects such as Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong, Nanyang University in Singapore or JW Marriott Dongdaemun Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. In Vietnam, this trend is gradually gaining popularity, starting from office buildings such as President Place, Center Point, public buildings such as Pouchen Kindergarten – Dong Nai, or high-end apartment projects, smart urban areas.

However, in Vietnam, the concept of “green urban” is still quite new. This is quite evident in big cities, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, where projects of this type only count on the fingers, in other word, they are very scarce. That is why in the past time, Ho Chi Minh City has focused on inviting and seeking investors to build green – smart modern urban models.

Sunshine City Saigon: Green living standard between Saigon

With the motto “creating a fashionable lifestyle”, Sunshine Group and the brand of real estate developer Sunshine Homes have been working hard to build modern buildings, contributing to bringing a new look to Vietnamese urban with spectacular breakthrough changes.

In addition, Sunshine Group always aims to optimize the satisfaction of customers, while contributing to the authorities at all levels to solve the hard problem of living environment, as well as urban planning.

In Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular, “Green – Smart” projects like Sunshine City Saigon are quite scarce.

At the opening project in the southern land, with the concept of bringing “green life” to customers, Sunshine Group has devoted much commercial area to Sunshine City Saigon, investing nearly 13,000 m2 for utilities. In addition to the large area of trees, Sunshine City Saigon also built a “green” ecosystem right from the design stage with 12,000 m2 of water surrounding buildings, which not only creates the beauty of architecture and landscape but also brings a fresh, cool, airy atmosphere, in harmony with nature.

In addition, all apartments are designed and arranged in an open way, so that natural sunlight and wind flood into every small corner … The materials and furniture are also selected rigorously, thoroughly, For example, Low-E glass imported from foreign countries is used to cover the surface of the project, helping Sunshine City Saigon to make the most of the panorama vision, bringing space filled with light and full of art for each apartment, creating comfort and increasing the happiness index for residents.

“Best luxury apartment project 2019”

In parallel with the green ecosystem, Sunshine Group’s breakthrough mark at the project is also in the symbol S – associated with Smart Living, which everyone can feel right from the first steps when approaching the project.

The first is the navigation system and the vacant location notification from Smart Parking. Next, guests will quickly approach the homeowner through a digital video bell system, allowing calls from down the hall and calling from outside the door. Soon after, the elevator uses point technology and Face ID will replace the homeowner to show hospitality and take the guests to the house quickly and safely.

Moreover, this perfect 4.0 life according to the strict expectations of the investor not only limits to the range of SmartHome apartments but also is the determination to create an intelligent, wide-ranging ecosystem from Sunshine Mart, Sunshine School, Sunshine Cab luxury taxi service, Sunshine Pay e-wallet payment … to Sunshine Service online service system.

With Sunshine City Saigon project, modern technology element is still a strong commitment of Sunshine Group to bring the life of every residents to the pinnacle of comfort and modernity.

The outstanding technological advantages and architectural breakthroughs, sophistication of furniture and utility ecosystems are the answers to why Sunshine City Saigon was awarded the “Best luxury apartment project 2019 at the prestigious Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019. Before that, just after it was launched in 2018, this project has been recognized by customers, investors and readers of the Investment Newspaper as deserving to be in the Top “Green – Smart Projects”, leading the trend of real estate in 2018.


Overcoming competitors, Sunshine City Saigon was awarded the “Best Luxury Apartment Project 2019” at the prestigious Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019.

With outstanding construction progress, recently, Sunshine City Saigon built roof the first building S1. With urgent construction schedule, with many similarities from the most modern, fashion and dynamism, the real estate traders predict: Sunshine Group’s first project in Saigon will always sell well and soon become an effective product in the “investment basket” of many investors and customers.

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